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We’ve done a deep analysis of the market place, who is getting market share, the growth of companies, the consolidation and we recognize that if we are going thrive, we have to grow.

The Benefits:

  • Centralized Operations Saves Money: When we combine departments, you save money.  Whether it’s in administration, accounting, HR, operations or marketing the NRE system can help you increase efficiency and save on operational costs.
  • Increase Market Share: By combining efforts we expand on our overall market share, increased referral network, and build a larger geographic footprint together with increased local awareness.
  • Stronger Value: By combining synergies, tools, support and systems we can further strengthen and expand our revenue streams.
  • Capital: A merger and acquisition can often provide liquidity back into your business, depending on the current state of your finances.
  • Leader in Training and Recruitment: Executive University provides training to agents in every junction of their career, from being brand new to already selling $100M+ a year in addition to advanced on-site training and our online university.  We also provide our offices with prospects generated through NRE’s Career Development recruiting system and marketing initiatives.

We’re currently accepting inquiries and applications in strategic markets. If you would like to explore opportunities with our system, please contact us below.